Buddy Time!

Last Wednesday afternoon, we spent a little bit of time getting to know our buddies a little bit better.

They came to our classroom, we drew portraits of each other then we wrote a little bit about each other too.

We really had fun and our teachers, Lauren and Miss Sharp were very impressed with how well we worked together! Miss Sharp was most surprised by how quietly we worked too, considering we had over 45 students in one room working together! 🙂

Follow this link to visit the 5/6 class blog and see some pictures of us enjoying our time together.



Hi everyone!

It has been a while since we have posted on the blog, but now that we have our new Touch Panel technology in the classroom, it will make sharing the blog with the students a much more valuable experience. I hope to be posting a lot more regularly.

Today, I wanted to share this important skill with you all that the Preps have been learning from day one. Subitising. This is the ability to identify how many items are in a small collection without having to count each one. It is a really important maths skill. Below is a power point that we have been using in class. We have recently added the picture collections, so the students are mostly familiar with the tens frames you will see. We have become really good with 1 -10, but 11-20 are still a bit tricky for us! Once we understand that the top tens frame is full and therefore represent 10, we can start to add on the rest. But as the saying goes, practice makes perfect! So here is an opportunity for you to practice this at home.

Clicking on the link below will allow you to download the slideshow. You can edit this from time to time to keep your little genius on their toes!


Share your thoughts about the slide show in the comment section below!

Materials in Motion

It has been a busy start back to Term 2 for Prep C! We have begun to explore our new Inquiry – Materials in Motion. We start by unpacking what we already know, and finding out what sorts of things we are interested in learning and exploring as part of this focus.

Here are some questions we came up with. We were certainly asking inquisitive questions which open up the path for lots of exploring and inquiring!

Jamie – How do robots walk?

Indy – How do you make cakes?

Blake – How does metal get made?

Bella – How do things move?

Oscar – How does paper fly?

Tyler – How do they make lego in that shape?

Zoe – How do drums make a noise when you hit them?

Makayla – Where does paper come from?

Nicholas – How do you make glass?

William S – How do you make robots talk?

Liz – How do we make our bodies move?

Hannah – How do we fly kites?

William M – How do you move a puzzle?

Nikki – How do you make books?

Chiara – How do you move?

James – How do leaves fall off trees?

Abbey – How do they make books?

Nate – How do you make cupcakes?

Mia – How can you make things?

Bryce – How do you make boats?

Leah – How do you make airplanes?

Izabell – How do you make a cake?

Lucas – How does paper get made?


I can’t wait to really get into this Inquiry, as there are so many different things to learn as part of it and it will certainly be a very hands on learning experience.

I asked the students to think about what materials they have around their home and what they see in the world around them – so feel free to help them identify the names of different materials and things they find!

Have a great weekend everyone, looking forward to Week 2.

Miss Sharp 🙂

Letters and Sounds

In Prep, it is very important that students learn both the names of the letters and the sounds that go with them – called phonemes. We practice cued articulation to help us learn the phonemes.

We love this clip, called Alphablocks, and we watch it and practice the names of the letters, the sounds and the cued articulation action.

Have a watch at home and see if you can say the letters and sounds!

Special Person’s Day

Today we invited some people who are special to us into our classroom for a session. We really enjoyed having them visit us. We took them for a tour of the school, shared some of our work with them, showed them how well we can sign in Auslan and read our take home books to them. We also create some beautiful artwork with them which we hope to display on our blog soon!

Prep JS would like to say a really big THANK YOU to all the special people who took the time to come and be with us. Your kindness is what makes you very special to us! <3


Next week, the Prep students will be learning about time. We start off by learning the days of the week, months of the year, and describing days in sequence, for example yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

You can help at home by discussing what day it is each morning as part of a morning routine, what day the previous day was and what day is coming next. Encourage your child to use this language as part of conversation, for example telling you about something they learned yesterday, or what they are looking forward to the next day.

You can practice saying the days of the week, months of the year and seasons in order regularly. Here are some links to Youtube for some songs you can practice at home together.

Have fun practicing this very important aspect of time! 🙂


This week in Maths, Preps are learning about patterning. Patterning is a very important skill in maths. It is a critical building block in their mathematical reasoning. Studies have shown that encouraging a child’s understanding of patterns contributes to their counting strategy development, problem solving, generalizations about number combinations, and algebraic thinking (Copley, 2000).

Patterns are everywhere in the world around us. Sometimes they become so familiar to us that we barely notice them. Today we were trying to identify some patterns in our classroom. What we discovered is that a pattern is not just a sequence on its own, for example red, yellow, blue, but it must repeat in order to be a pattern, such as red, yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue. It must repeat in exactly the same order.

We had lots of fun exploring patterns in our groups and rotations. We created some hungry caterpillars, some patterns using unifix cubes, and used some coloured teddies and animals to identify and continue patterns. We also explored a program on the computers called Painting Patterns, which helped us to identify the pattern and fill in the missing elements.

At home, you can work on patterns too. You can find some patterns around your home, make some pictures using patterns, or build some patterns using Lego.

Try some of these games:

Moonrock Patterns

 Pattern Mania

 Pattern Matcher

 Share with us what patterns you see around you. 🙂

Reading In Prep

One of the strategies we are focusing on in Prep this week is Getting Our Knowledge Ready. This helps us to tune in to what we will be reading in order to develop our comprehension.

We use this time to start predicting what we think we will see in the book or what might happen in the story. We look at the front cover and the title of the story and use these clues to visualize what will happen. We also make connections to our own experiences to make a prediction.

Today, we looked at Mrs Wishy Washy by Joy Cowley.

Mrs Wishy Washy

Here is what some of Prep JS thought we might read about in this story:

Nikki – she will wash some clothes.

Indy – She will clean.

Zoe – She will bake.

Tyler – she is going to wash animals.

Jamie – I think she might wash dishes.

Blake – She will wash tables.

Lucas – She will wash dogs.

Hannah – I think she is going to dry using  the towel.

Bella – she wished that she didn’t have to clean anything.

Bryce – I think she will wash the floor!

Nathaniel – she is going to make a cake.

Izzy – She will wash her house.

Oscar – She might wash little cats.

Elizabeth – I think she is going to buy some new shoes.

After we shared our ideas, we took a picture walk. This means that we looked through the pictures in the book to get a better idea of the story. Here is what some of Prep JS thought then:

Nathaniel – She will wash the cows.

Abbey – A cat will eat cat food.

Jamie – I think they will wash the ducks.

Indy – They are going to wash the pig.

Oscar – They will wash the cows.

Hannah – She needs to wash the animals because they got muddy!

Bella – They got dirty again and she kept on having to wash, wash, wash, wash!

Did our ideas change much after the story walk?

We also use this time to identify some words or vocabulary we might come across while reading.

We listened to the story and decided if our predictions were accurate or not!

Are you familiar with the story? Did our predictions make sense? Let us know in the comments!

Click here to watch a version of the story on YouTube!


Welcome Back!

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to another wonderful year at Killara. I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday, it certainly flew by for me but I am very excited to start 2015. This year, I am teaching Prep C, so this will now be a Prep blog. Please continue to visit us on this blog to see what fantastic learning is taking place in the Foundation year of our school.

We started our first day back today. Prep C were filled with a mix of nerves, excitement and were very brave leaving their families for their first day of Primary School. It can be a bit scary at first, lots of new faces, new things to learn, new rules and a big, big school to find our way around. So, if any of you lovely Killara students see one of our Prep students around the school, give them a little smile and say hello, manners don’t cost anything and they mean a lot, especially when you are feeling shy and a little bit lost.

Today we spent some time trying to get to know each other and all of our names. We also did some writing, colouring and sticking activites, some were very tricky but Miss Sharp was very proud of how hard we all worked. It was a long day for us, but we are looking forward to coming back to school tomorrow for some more learning. We are also meeting our brilliant buddies tomorrow, yippee!!

Thanks for visiting, we hope to do a lot of posting this year!

From Miss Sharp and Prep C. 🙂