Killara’s 21st Birthday Concert

 To celebrate the birthday of our wonderful school, we held a concert on Wednesday 17th September. Each class got a chance to perform on stage at 3 different performances. We loved dressing up like people from the Flintstones and dancing to Bedrock Anthem. We also loved the wonderful teacher’s performance, it was a great surprise!

We were feeling pretty nervous at first, but once we were on stage and saw the audience smiling back at us we felt great. It was a great lesson on confidence and persistence!

Check out our slideshow below showing some pictures and some samples of posters we created after the performances.


Killara’s 21st Birthday on PhotoPeach

Happy Birthday, Killara Primary School!

What Is Science?

Hello Everyone,

In Term 4 the 1/2 classes will be Inquiring in ‘Whiz, Bang, Pop’,
a unit based around, chemical and physical science. We would like to
start off our Inquiry by asking you a question to grow in our answer garden.

When you click on the link here
you can plant your answers and watch our garden grow.

We look forward to seeing all of your answers on our blog.

Many thanks,

1/2 Team


In Grade 1 and 2 this week, we have been learning to tell the time. We discovered that this is a very tricky concept to understand at first! But it is extremely important so we are going to continue to practice a lot.

We have been focusing on telling the two hands apart on an analogue clock, and making sure that we draw the minute hand as a longer hand, and the hour hand as a shorter hand. We have been focusing on telling the time to the o’clock and half past points, and to the quarter to and quarter past hands. We have been learning about digital clocks too.

Some games that you can use to keep practicing at home are available here:

We enjoyed playing a game in class too, called Look At the Clock!

When we were working, our teacher called “Tick, tock! Look at the clock!” and we had to stop whatever we were doing and record the time on a piece of paper. This really helped to get us in the habit of looking at the clock and thinking about the time regularly. I’m sure it is something you can do at home too!

How do you practice telling the time at home? Do you wear a watch? Is it digital or analogue? Which do you see more of in your house, digital or analogue clocks? Can you recommend any time telling games to us?


What has changed the most over time?

As we come to the end of our Inquiry into Change Over Time, I am interested in gathering some responses to what people think has changed the most over time.

Visit our answer garden  to add your thoughts.

Remember, you can add the same thoughts as other people, watch these answers grow! To do this you need to type the same answer with the same spelling.

Answers are limited to 20 characters. By using answer garden, we will be able to make some observations about the different answers and compare which answers were used the most in class.

Thanks for helping us on our learning journey! Share this with your families and friends, and remember to be Cyber Safe!

Concert 2014

To celebrate Killara Primary School’s 21st birthday, we will be holding a concert. There will be 3 performances next Wednesday – for ticketing information please see our school website.

We have been practicing very hard for our dance, but if you want to practice a little bit more then here is our song.

To go with our caveman costumes, we have made clubs in school. (Parents you do not need to do this at home now!)

Students will be wearing cave man and cave woman costumes, provided by Kelli, and are welcome to wear a t-shirt or singlet, and shorts underneath if they wish.


Historical Day

What a day this was! As we all began arriving to school on Thursday morning, I knew we were in for a great day. Everyone put in  such fantastic effort with their costumes and we all truly looked the part! Well done to everyone on their efforts.


It was a day that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, even older students who told me they wished they could have an olden day dress up too.

We really got a feel for what it was like in the olden days, some of us wishing we could go back to those days, some of us saying how “sorry” we felt for people who had to live then!

In particular, the games in Room 23 and 24 were a big hit (But I would say that, wouldn’t I? ) and lots of us expressed interest in playing games like elastics, ring toss and marbles during snack and lunch times in school.

061 021 019 017


Thank you to the parents, students and teachers for the wonderful efforts you put in. Also a big thank you to the parent helpers who gave up their time to come along and help out.

I wonder what someone from the Olden Days would think if they spent a day in our schools of today? What would be the biggest change they would notice?

Guest Post: Yen

Numeracy: Fractions

Hello everyone! My name is Yen (12JS’s pre-service teacher) and I have the privilege of being a guest blogger for 12JS. Our focus topic in numeracy for the past two weeks has been exploring fractions. We really enjoyed the different range activities that helped shape our knowledge with fractions. Some of the exciting activities we were able to complete were making pizza fractions using our ICT and craft skills and bubble gum machines.

When we made our pizza fractions, we started to use an interactive website on abcya. Click on this link to access this activity at home Below are some samples of the work we produced as a class. Looking at these made us feel very hungry!


Pizza fraction boxes

The bubblegum activity was just as fun. We were able to colour in the gumballs and write our fractions in relation to how many colours there were out of the total of gumballs in our gumball machines. Below are some samples of our work. You can also see these displayed on our windows outside the classroom.

Fraction bubblegum machines

After completing our unit on fractions, we are now able to

–       Recognise and describe one-half as one of equal two parts of a whole.

–      Recognise and interpret the common uses of halves, quarters and eighths of shapes and collections.

Here are some fun fraction games that we were able to play in class as well. Please have a look!

Here is what we have learned and enjoyed about learning fractions so far:


Noah: “My favourite activity was making the fraction pizzas. It was good to have a try at folding the pizza boxes.”


Lucas: “My favourite activity was making the fraction booklet because we could make our own fractions. We were able to make fractions of a whole, halves, thirds, quarters, equal and unequal.”


Hannah: “My favourite activity was making the fraction pizzas. It was very fun.”


Brock: “I have learnt that if you have a whole, when you cut it in the middle and then cut it in the middle again, you end up with quarters.”


Amber: “My favourite activity was the fraction booklet. The fractions that we made were halves, quarters and thirds.”


What have you enjoyed about learning fractions? Do you have any other ideas for fun fraction activities? Please share your thoughts and comments with us.



On Wednesday 10th September, We are having a COMMUNITY WALKATHON to raise much needed funds for our school. The Walkathon is a sponsored event, just like our previous “a-thons”. After the success as a community event of last year’s Walkathon, we are “going around again”!!

We want all students (and parents who would like to join us on the day!) to get sponsors to give them a set amount of money for completing laps of the course, which will take place around our extensive grounds.

Preps to 2s will complete 4 laps (approx. 2.5km)

3s to 6s will complete 8 laps (approx. 5.0km)

Sponsors can be parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbours – just about anyone that you know. You can have as many sponsors as you want. You can even sponsor yourself! When you find a sponsor, just fill out the ‘My Sponsor Sheet’. Then, when you finish the Walkathon, call or visit your sponsors and ask for their donations. Parents wishing to participate can collect a sponsor form from the office, or by clicking here.

The Walkathon will take place on Wednesday September 10, starting at 2:00pm and finishing by 3:30pm. We hope you choose to join in the fun and really help Killara Primary School. A sausage sizzle, coffee van and oranges will be available for purchase on the day, provided by the Killara Parents and Friends Association. A pre-ordering system will be made available for students, leading up to the day.

All students who have some sponsors will receive a mystery prize once they have completed their laps. All students who raise $10 or more will go into the draw for one of many sports packs. Major prizes will also be drawn for students who raise over $20. Raffle tickets will be allocated for the draw based on the amount raised.

1 ticket for $20-$29, 2 tickets for $30 – $39, 3 tickets for $40-$49 and so on (increasing by one ticket for each $10 bracket).

The more you raise the more chance you have of winning!

The major prizes are:

1st: An Ipad Mini (value $479)

2nd: A Laptop Computer (excess stock, unused) (value $300)

3rd: A Toy World Voucher (value $100)

Who wouldn’t want a chance at winning one of these awesome prizes?

Good Luck!

Milestone Mark

Congratulations 1/2JS, we have received over 100 visitors to our blog!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been visiting our blog. The students and I have been really excited to watch the number of visitors grow. Thank you to 1/2 JS for spreading the word about our blog! 🙂

We love, in particular, to check out the ClustrMap Widget to see where people are visiting us from. We have had visitors from right across the world! Lots from Australia, some from America, a few from Northern Ireland and even someone in Portugal! 🙂

Keep up the great blogging work everyone! 🙂