Welcome Back!

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to another wonderful year at Killara. I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday, it certainly flew by for me but I am very excited to start 2015. This year, I am teaching Prep C, so this will now be a Prep blog. Please continue to visit us on this blog to see what fantastic learning is taking place in the Foundation year of our school.

We started our first day back today. Prep C were filled with a mix of nerves, excitement and were very brave leaving their families for their first day of Primary School. It can be a bit scary at first, lots of new faces, new things to learn, new rules and a big, big school to find our way around. So, if any of you lovely Killara students see one of our Prep students around the school, give them a little smile and say hello, manners don’t cost anything and they mean a lot, especially when you are feeling shy and a little bit lost.

Today we spent some time trying to get to know each other and all of our names. We also did some writing, colouring and sticking activites, some were very tricky but Miss Sharp was very proud of how hard we all worked. It was a long day for us, but we are looking forward to coming back to school tomorrow for some more learning. We are also meeting our brilliant buddies tomorrow, yippee!!

Thanks for visiting, we hope to do a lot of posting this year!

From Miss Sharp and Prep C. 🙂