Letters and Sounds

In Prep, it is very important that students learn both the names of the letters and the sounds that go with them – called phonemes. We practice cued articulation to help us learn the phonemes.

We love this clip, called Alphablocks, and we watch it and practice the names of the letters, the sounds and the cued articulation action.

Have a watch at home and see if you can say the letters and sounds!

2 thoughts on “Letters and Sounds

  1. Hi class, Lucas and his brothers had a look at the blog tonight and we all loved looking at the special persons slide show. We laughed and laughed at the alpha blocks clip – the letters are very funny. Lucas loves ‘x’ the best. Hamish likes ‘o’ the best and Angus likes ‘w’. Lucas’ mum Kate likes ‘r’.
    Have fun ::

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