Materials in Motion

It has been a busy start back to Term 2 for Prep C! We have begun to explore our new Inquiry – Materials in Motion. We start by unpacking what we already know, and finding out what sorts of things we are interested in learning and exploring as part of this focus.

Here are some questions we came up with. We were certainly asking inquisitive questions which open up the path for lots of exploring and inquiring!

Jamie – How do robots walk?

Indy – How do you make cakes?

Blake – How does metal get made?

Bella – How do things move?

Oscar – How does paper fly?

Tyler – How do they make lego in that shape?

Zoe – How do drums make a noise when you hit them?

Makayla – Where does paper come from?

Nicholas – How do you make glass?

William S – How do you make robots talk?

Liz – How do we make our bodies move?

Hannah – How do we fly kites?

William M – How do you move a puzzle?

Nikki – How do you make books?

Chiara – How do you move?

James – How do leaves fall off trees?

Abbey – How do they make books?

Nate – How do you make cupcakes?

Mia – How can you make things?

Bryce – How do you make boats?

Leah – How do you make airplanes?

Izabell – How do you make a cake?

Lucas – How does paper get made?


I can’t wait to really get into this Inquiry, as there are so many different things to learn as part of it and it will certainly be a very hands on learning experience.

I asked the students to think about what materials they have around their home and what they see in the world around them – so feel free to help them identify the names of different materials and things they find!

Have a great weekend everyone, looking forward to Week 2.

Miss Sharp 🙂

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