Concert 2014

To celebrate Killara Primary School’s 21st birthday, we will be holding a concert. There will be 3 performances next Wednesday – for ticketing information please see our school website.

We have been practicing very hard for our dance, but if you want to practice a little bit more then here is our song.

To go with our caveman costumes, we have made clubs in school. (Parents you do not need to do this at home now!)

Students will be wearing cave man and cave woman costumes, provided by Kelli, and are welcome to wear a t-shirt or singlet, and shorts underneath if they wish.



On Wednesday 10th September, We are having a COMMUNITY WALKATHON to raise much needed funds for our school. The Walkathon is a sponsored event, just like our previous “a-thons”. After the success as a community event of last year’s Walkathon, we are “going around again”!!

We want all students (and parents who would like to join us on the day!) to get sponsors to give them a set amount of money for completing laps of the course, which will take place around our extensive grounds.

Preps to 2s will complete 4 laps (approx. 2.5km)

3s to 6s will complete 8 laps (approx. 5.0km)

Sponsors can be parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbours – just about anyone that you know. You can have as many sponsors as you want. You can even sponsor yourself! When you find a sponsor, just fill out the ‘My Sponsor Sheet’. Then, when you finish the Walkathon, call or visit your sponsors and ask for their donations. Parents wishing to participate can collect a sponsor form from the office, or by clicking here.

The Walkathon will take place on Wednesday September 10, starting at 2:00pm and finishing by 3:30pm. We hope you choose to join in the fun and really help Killara Primary School. A sausage sizzle, coffee van and oranges will be available for purchase on the day, provided by the Killara Parents and Friends Association. A pre-ordering system will be made available for students, leading up to the day.

All students who have some sponsors will receive a mystery prize once they have completed their laps. All students who raise $10 or more will go into the draw for one of many sports packs. Major prizes will also be drawn for students who raise over $20. Raffle tickets will be allocated for the draw based on the amount raised.

1 ticket for $20-$29, 2 tickets for $30 – $39, 3 tickets for $40-$49 and so on (increasing by one ticket for each $10 bracket).

The more you raise the more chance you have of winning!

The major prizes are:

1st: An Ipad Mini (value $479)

2nd: A Laptop Computer (excess stock, unused) (value $300)

3rd: A Toy World Voucher (value $100)

Who wouldn’t want a chance at winning one of these awesome prizes?

Good Luck!

HEROs and Class Captains

Students at our school all have the personal responsibility to “do the right thing” and a communal responsibility to “encourage others to do the right thing”.

One way in which Killara encourages our community to uphold these responsibilities is to nominate two students each semester to take on the role of Captain and Vice Captain.

Last week, our new Captains and Vice-Captains were appointed at assembly.

Congratulations to Angus and Lily on their achievements.

A very big thank you and well done goes to Isabella and Noah for their wonderful efforts in these positions in Semester 1.

This week, our new HEROs for this semester were presented at assembly.

This is an incredibly important role at our school, in our drive to be a more sustainable and environmentally friendly community. HERO is an acronym for Heating, Electricity and Recycling Officer.

Congratulations to Chelsea and Rory on becoming the HEROs for Semester 2.

Thank you and well done to Mary-Jane and Brock for their great efforts last Semester.

What do you do to help the environment? Do you think HEROs are a good idea? What sort of things do you think they should be doing at our school?

Life Ed: Harold’s Heroes

Visit the webpage:

On Thursday 7th August, we attended a Life Education class. Our focus was on healthy lifestyles and what to do in an emergency.

We went in the afternoon to the Life Ed. van where we met our instructor, Barbara, and our friend Harold the Giraffe.

We learned about lots of things including:

– eating a healthy diet (and why this is important!)

– how to keep our body healthy by getting lots of exercise and not doing harmful things like smoking

– how to be medicine- safe at home (especially keeping things like medicines locked up safe and not taking anything that is not for you)

– what to do in an emergency

We really enjoyed seeing Harold and becoming his helpful heroes, and how cheeky Harold was! Some of us got to wear costumes like hero capes and a doctor’s outfit. 

On the picture below, there is a website that you can visit if you want to learn a bit more about this.

Visit the webpage:

What 1/2JS thought:

“I enjoyed being an extinguisher hero.”

” I enjoyed seeing Harold getting a tickle under his chin!”

“I learned that it’s good to drink milk because it helps your teeth grow strong.”

“I learned that it is very hard to stop smoking once you start, even though it is very bad for your heart, lungs and brain.”