You Can Do It!

This term we have been exploring some of the You Can Do It values.

This week we are focusing on honesty. It is always very important to do the right thing and tell the truth.

This is something we should keep in mind throughout our school day.

“It is important not to lie to your friends and say you can do something when you can’t.” – Lucas

“It is important not to lie and say you are feeling sick just because you don’t want to go somewhere or do something.” – Callum

“It is important not to lie about food, just because your friends like something doesn’t mean you have to as well.” – Rory

“It is okay to be honest and admit you don’t know how to do something.” – Brock

“You can tell your friends to be honest and not lie to a grown up”. – Noah

“It is okay to be honest and tell your friends that you don’t want to be involved if they make a choice to do the wrong thing.”


Some other values we have looked at so far this Term have been Caring, Doing your best, Freedom and Giving others a Fair Go.


We try to remember the ways we can show each value every day at our school, and remember our motto: Our Best, Every Lesson, Every Day. We look forward to exploring the other values of our You Can Do It program. 🙂

Life Ed: Harold’s Heroes

Visit the webpage:

On Thursday 7th August, we attended a Life Education class. Our focus was on healthy lifestyles and what to do in an emergency.

We went in the afternoon to the Life Ed. van where we met our instructor, Barbara, and our friend Harold the Giraffe.

We learned about lots of things including:

– eating a healthy diet (and why this is important!)

– how to keep our body healthy by getting lots of exercise and not doing harmful things like smoking

– how to be medicine- safe at home (especially keeping things like medicines locked up safe and not taking anything that is not for you)

– what to do in an emergency

We really enjoyed seeing Harold and becoming his helpful heroes, and how cheeky Harold was! Some of us got to wear costumes like hero capes and a doctor’s outfit. 

On the picture below, there is a website that you can visit if you want to learn a bit more about this.

Visit the webpage:

What 1/2JS thought:

“I enjoyed being an extinguisher hero.”

” I enjoyed seeing Harold getting a tickle under his chin!”

“I learned that it’s good to drink milk because it helps your teeth grow strong.”

“I learned that it is very hard to stop smoking once you start, even though it is very bad for your heart, lungs and brain.”


We have started using Kimochis in our Community Circles. Kimochi means “feelings” in Japanese, and these little characters help us to express how we are feeling.

Our Kimochis

Our Kimochis

They have a feeling on one side, and on the other side is a face that represents that feeling.


Sharing our feelings during a community circle

Sharing our feelings during a community circle

Throughout the day, we can use them to show a particular feeling we have, and that helps us to talk about the things that make us feel that way.